Group project: Doctor Who Locations

When we started this module, we were given a task to create something for Instagram, relating to a article from We Are Cardiff within groups. This would help us get used to ways we can use the platform and experiment.

Within my group we chose an article about Doctor Who locations within Cardiff, as seen below.


From this article, my group and I started to write down and think of different ideas of how this could be put up on Instagram. We came up with the idea of using Instagram stories, taking pictures of different locations and tagging the location to the story. We could add animation to the photos, add music (doctor theme), and use of props (sonic screwdriver and TARDIS)

Our Doctor Who locations mostly were around Cardiff Bay, adding in some Torchwood parts as well. I looked up different locations online, which were used in modern day Doctor Who and started to plan where we needed to go around the Bay. We wanted to keep the story simple but interesting, wanting to experiment with the TARDIS animating in and out of different locations.


I watched episodes of the program for inspiration and more detail into the locations where they were filmed. We went to Cardiff Bay, we took photos of the Wales Millennium Centre, surround building and Ianto’s Shrine where modern Doctor Who/Torchwood has been filmed a few times.

The photoshoot went well, capturing the different locations around Cardiff Bay, with help from props as well as the places we were. I also did some filming on my phone, which was on a tripod. I experimented with time lapse videos of establishing shots of the Bay, with and without the TARDIS in view.

Below is two photos I edited together to create the effect of the TARDIS coming in and out of the image. I did this in Photoshop, and would upload to After Effects to complete the effect with key frames and subtly changing the opacity of the TARDIS to make it more realistic.

I started to experiment with different layouts with my photos while tagging the location within Instagram. I experimented with framing the photos, seeing what worked best in the 1080×1920 ration which is the Instagram story size.

I also experimented with the features I could add to the stories which would make them more interesting. I searched up Doctor Who gifs and added them to different posts which worked well.

For the opening of this story, I wanted the TARDIS to be the first thing anyone saw. I came up with a few ideas, ranging from a sketch in the 1080×1920 ration of the TARDIS doors and also the TARDIS coming in and out of the photo. I decided to use a video I took with the TARDIS in front of water tower which is in the Doctor Who universe the Torchwood tower. This short video focuses on the Tardis with the texture of the water falling down in the background.

I edited this short video on Instagram and added the text within the app also. Most of the Instagram stories I have seen, Buzzfeed, The Inderpendant have mostly been edited within the app and done well. They are simple, tell what is needed and not messy.

To improve on this group project, I would like to go out and take more photos. We didn’t have enough locations and we needed to get more for the story. I would like to go to different places around Cardiff, not just the Bay.

I would also like to experiment with getting printed screenshot from the show and taking a photo of that screenshot in the location of where it was filmed. I have seen people do with with scenes from BBC Sherlock and it works very well.

Even though I didn’t complete this group task to a point to where I am completely happy with, it has helped me to understand how to plan and experiment with a Instagram story. I have been able to practice with After Effects more and using Instagram in a productive way to create a narrative within the stories.


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